Ido Bassok


Curriculum Vitae


Born 1950, kibbutz Ashdot Ya'akov (me-uchad).

Married to Ginat and father of Nahar and Yanai.




B. A. Hebrew Literature and Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1973).

M. A. (Maîtrise) Modern French Literature, Université de Grenoble, France (1982).

M. A. (cum laude) Personal program: Literature and History of the Jewish National Home in Eretz-Yisrael (Palestine), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1991).

Currently writing up a doctoral thesis at the Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



Teacher of Literature and Hebrew Composition at various high-schools (until 1979).

Teacher and lecturer of Hebrew Language in Hebrew Literature at Institut des Langues Orientales, Paris, and other universities in France (1979-1983)

Editor of educational Journals in The Division of Adult Education in the Ministry of Education (since 1985); translator of novels, poetry and philosophy from French, English and Yiddish. Also editor of translations.




* Scientific publications

In English

Entries from The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe:

"Akiva", vol. 1, pp. 23-24

"Bin", vol. 1, p. 185.

"Youth movements", vol. 2,  pp. 2098-2102.

"Yugnt", vol. 1, pp. 2103-2104


En Français

Articles á propos de mes traductions:

'Comment "judaïser/enjuiver" Rabelais, ou les limites de la liberté du traducteur', in D. Mendelson (ed.), La Culture francophone en Israël,  tome 2 (pp. 97-107), Paris 2002.

'Entre Rabelais et Marguerite de Navarre: "virilité" et "feminité" au service d'une idéologie subversive', in J. Michel (ed.), Les Enjeux de la traduction littéraire (pp. 304-310), Paris 2004.



* Selected poems and translation of a number into English.